HarmoniousWorlds example cards

Tiles are placed downward in the play area and are turned over when a player occupies a space.  Cards indicate what results from the movement.



These are rewards measured in gold and/or items. They may have a degree of difficulty of discovery associated with them.

  • 1D4 gold
  • 1 randomly chosen item



These are situations that require skill or player may suffer adverse effects

  • Stuck 1D4 turns



The are situations that challenge the player and can lead to a reward

  • You find 1D4 villagers who need escorting to nearest village for 10 gold
  • There is a wise women in the road who warns you about the next trap. Receive 1 avoid trap card.



This shows what type of an attack will occur and the type and number of adversaries involved.

  • 1D4 random adversaries
  • 3 adversaries with 150% attributes



This is typically a merchant or Non-player character who offers goods or services. Some NPC may become adversaries depending on game play.

  • Merchant with 5 random items
  • Merchant with 1D20 weapons


very rare

This is a card that a player receives if the uncover a clue. The number of clues is known at the beginning of the game.

  • Clue 1 of 5


very rare

If the game has bosses to defeat, the player receives this card if they defeat an adversary. The Adversaries are defined before the game is played.

  • Boss 1 of 5