Land Cards- Traps

HarmoniousWorlds example trap cardsTraps add challenges to a game without adding conflict.


Set by a person or creature

These traps were created to show or stop the player from advancing.  Example trap: Arrow trap! To avoid roll > 14 otherwise 1D4 arrows are sprung dealing 1D6 damage


Naturally occurring

These traps are not created by anyone but nature.

For example, quicksand! To avoid roll > 16 or stuck for 1D4 turns.



Mysterious force

Mysterious forces cause players to deviate from their chosen path. For example, a portal opens up and pulls in players dealing 1D6 damage and teleporting them 1D4 tiles away. Players must redo that turns. 

If the game had a game master then these events can be used to guide players and a better (or worse) path. A teleportation trap is especially useful in doing this.