Land Cards- Attack

HarmoniousWorlds example attack cardsWhen designing attack cards create a situation that can drive a narrative and provide a great deal of variation so gameplay is different in every game.



Standard attacks use the adversary attributes as displayed on their cards and last only one turn. The number of adversaries is typically determined by a roll of a die.


Enhanced attributes

For these types of attacks, you increase the adversary’s attributes by 150%.  


Reduced Attributes

Adversary attributes are reduced by 50% with these types of attacks.




Horde attacks last for several turns with the horde following the player as they move to different tiles.  The play can choose not to move, to make sure they do not land on another attack or return to a nearby village to end the horde attack.



Mirror attacks use the copies of the player’s cards for adversaries. If the player does not have supplies or enhancements make sure to let the player move first.