Making Missions

HarmoniousWorlds cards

Need to let your players get resources fast? Want to create a richer world? Try creating side missions.

Mission is optional so you do not have to use them in the game. They just make the game more fun and interesting and adding details to your world.  You can read the rules for mission cards here. We added the missions because it is a smaller goal than finding all the clues in the game also you get to add more details to the world you are creating in the side missions. For example, is the story about saving forest creatures or fending off an invasion of goblins?  Another reason why is that we were not getting enough gold in without mission and we needed a lot of the fun of is building up your character. 

How you make a mission card is you pick a challenge that can be achieved but that is not too simple.  Most of the time you get a reward once you completed the mission, for example, 20 gold, 1D12 gold, 1D20 gold, or 25 gold.  Some missions give the player helpers to help complete it.  Some missions are harder than others, usually, that affects the reward. Missions are used in both land and space but on land missions are called quests.

Here are some example missions, rescue research ship 10 gold, find hazards +2 gold for each hazard, find new creatures visit 2 new planets, find missing shuttle 20 gold, defeat 1D12 villains 20 gold, lift enchantment 1D20 gold,  explore new region reveal 12 cards, rescue get past 1D6 anomalies, find 2 clues 1D12 +20 gold, take a lost robot to nearest planet 1D20 gold, bounty find a villain on the planet, 20 gold set up space station 20 gold.

Mission cards make the game more fun. Try adding mission cards to the game. 

May the dice be in your favor!

Star Trek ship in HarmoniousWorlds game play