Given our busy lifestyle of homework and more homework, we wanted to create a tool that could help us play DND, HarmoniousWorld, and other role-playing games remotely so we could do a quick game with friends after all our work was done.  After trying to figure out how to use other chat rooms we decided to build our own,  ChatRPG

ChatRPG has two goals, one is to create a shared space with tools that help people can chat and play RPGs. The most important tool is the dice roller. When playing remoting making sure the tools are fair and easy can be hard. With ChatRPG, you can give a command, and the bot rolls for you, and everyone can see what is rolled.  The second tool is a search capability that can give you all the spells and monsters at your figure tips.

As we used ChatRPG we started to want it to have a personality and interact with the players. That is when we added the ability to respond to users in a naturalistic manner.  Take it for a spin now but give it time to load, we are running on slow servers 🙁 

We are doing a soft launch now but plan on open-sourcing all the code and detailed instructions on how you can build your own ChatRPG too!