HarmoniousWorlds example cards layoutHarmonious Worlds can be played with a game master or without one. If there is a game master all the cards and items are drawn by them. They are also responsible for maintaining all rules. 



Players typically move once per turn.  

Movement can be tracked by physically moving objects on the gameplay space or, for travel play, can be tracked on a sheet of paper.



Attacks are initiated by cards or events.

Adversaries often are drawn from a deck of characters, creatures or vessels.

Quests/ Missions


Quests and missions are quests that can be accepted in villages, spaceports or in certain encounters. 

Quests can be any series of actions. that gives the player a reward.



Healing restores part or all of a player hit points or hull strength.

Healing can occur it a users: Is on a civilization tile, encounters a healer, uses a special ability or uses an item



At set locations and after certain events  players may choose to purchase items.

The price of items can be adjusted. Items can either be created or players can use items from other card games.