Depending on the complexity of gameplay the players are comfortable with, attacks can be conducted in a number of ways.  The simplest way is to just use the character or ship statistics directly.  For example, give the following statistics:

  • Adversary:  Hit Points 10, Damage 4
  • Player: Hit Points 12, Damage 6

If the player has initiatives, in the first turn the adversary takes 6 damage reducing its hit point to 4. The adversary attacks reduce player hit points to 8.  In the second turn, the play deals 6 damage disabling the adversary. 

If the players want a greater degree of randomness and strategy the damage value can be replayed with dice.  In the above example, the adversary’s damage 1D4, and the player’s is 1D6.  

Additional rules can be introduced for movement or using magic or crew skills if desired.

Typically when you win a battle the player receives 4 gold per attacker.