Movements can be measured in different ways depending on players’ desires and where they are playing.

For the default gameplay, a player’s movement uncovers a tile adjacent to the tile they currently are on. An alternative method of movement is tracking the player’s movements on a graph and then drawing a tile from a shuffled deck of tiles.

Movement can be impeded by hazards, traps, damage, and spells. One alternative rule is players move fast cross-revealed tiles (can jump over up to three revealed tiles per turn.  However, if a tile has an active effect such as a trap or hazard if a player crosses the tile it will count as a turn.


Teleportation is straightforward with a grid layout.  If you teleport 1d4 roll 6 die to determine direction then move 1d4 tiles out. However, if there is a game master they can use teleportation to help the plot along if the players need aid.