For some action cards, you will need to draw adversaries or allies cards. For example, if you draw an attack card with 4 adversaries you draw four cards from the adversary’s deck. 

On land, allies can be warriors, creatures, or anything the players want to help or join their party.  Typically, allies and adversaries are taken from the same world as the player’s characters.  For example, if the players are using Magic cards the allies and adversaries are derived from Magic cards as well.  This is not always the case, in some games, all the NPC could be creatures and the players are humans.  Below are two example character cards, a unicorn, and a fairy. 

It is useful to have two decks, one for allies, the other for adversaries.   When building the decks you can craft the difficulty level depending on how great a challenge the player is seeking.

HarmoniousWorlds example character cards, unicornHarmoniousWorlds example character card, fairy