As players move through the playing area the tiles are turned over to reveal what action card to choose from. The player then pickups up the top card from the appropriate action card stack and follows the direction on the card. Players then repeatedly move one tile at a time to reveal the map. If they land on a hidden tile (a tile with its blank side up) they choose the top card from the related deck. The game continues till either all the cards are revealed, the characters are all knocked out or a specific goal is reached (find all clues, defeat all bosses, find all hazards, deliver civilians to a space station,…)

HarmoniousWorlds example tiles and cards
The player starts on a planet.
HarmoniousWorlds example Tiles and cards
The player then moves one tile.
HarmoniousWorlds example tiles and cards
3. Next, the player turns over the tile they land on.
HarmoniousWorlds example tiles and cards
4. Then, the card indicated on the tile is turned over to reveal the directions the player should follow.







Playing On-The-Go

Another way to play is to carry a shuffled deck of cards with you as you go about your day, walking in the park, doing house chores, or any activity that you choose. Then draw a card from the decks to play! No play area is needed. Some game rules will have to be modified such as teleportation but when a card does not work, just discard it and just draw another one.

Extended Rules (NPC)

For some games, a non-player character (NPC) can be added, which can be either an adversary or a character in need, which is placed randomly on the board.  The NPC moves after each player’s turn. NPC movements are determined by rolling a 6-sided die for Sea/Space Tiles or 8-sided dice for land tiles). If the NPC is within two tiles of a player the NPC chases after the player. If the NPC is within one tile of a player they can attack.

If an NPC lands on an island, city, or planet they can choose to repair or health themselves.